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Here’s a commentary resource you might be interested in. Let us know what you think.

Catena (WebsiteAndroidiOS)

What is it? An online/app Bible program that makes it easy to connect the Scriptures to commentaries from the Church Fathers.

Publisher’s Description: The Bible with verse by verse commentary from the church fathers. Catena presents insights on the scripture by early Christian theologians whose faith is the basis of all Christians.

Catena (from Latin meaning “a chain”): brings the faith that was taught by Christ, preached by the Apostles and kept by the fathers. Contains homilies of the early church fathers whose teachings have enlightened our minds and our hearts. Commentaries from the original Church perspective speaks to the deeper experience in the roots of the authentic faith.

Catena presents a remarkable combination of historic insights and practical instructions in Christian living. Catena provides background information on the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the Scripture.

If you are looking for authoritative guidance in interpreting Scripture, understanding the early church, and learning how to apply the Word of God to your spiritual life, Catena will be a treasured resource for you


  • Available for Apple and Android and website!
  • Free. No ads and no in-app purchases (at the time of this post).
  • Easy to use… just click on the verse and commentary from select Church Fathers pops up.
  • Select from Western, Byzantine, Early Fathers, or choose them all.
  • Share quotes/passages from Church Fathers to Facebook and Twitter with one click.
  • Choose your prefered Bible (with Apocrypha) version from a limited selection.


  • Limited Bible selection. At this time they only include ASV, KJV, KJV2000, and Douay-Rheims.
  • Difficult to search for particular Church Fathers or quotes.
  • Still a few bugs in the apps.

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